About: BCHgallery.

BCHgallery is an Android Bitcoin Cash wallet disguised as a gallery/photos app. This provides privacy and security through obscurity. On first launch you will be asked to set up a PIN. Do that. To access the wallet, tap the title bar 5 times then enter your PIN.

This wallet features:
- A decoy home screen/app icon
- CashAddr support
- BIP70 support for BitPay invoices
- Full Cash Account support
- An offline mode for writing raw transaction hexes to NFC tags for storage

SHA256: 03729168DCC430FC476C30B11F1E4654B455F8F4E486F9191567044B8EA94C15

Download v1.3.0


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Bitcoin Cash: qptnypuugy29lttleggl7l0vpls0vg295q9nsavw6g

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