Why I'm Moving to BCH.

I like innovation. I had high hopes for the Lightning Network.
Unfortunately, the Lightning Network is an over-engineered mess.

Trying to walk someone through depositing Bitcoin to a wallet, opening a channel and routing the payment through the network, then explaining why larger payments do not route well will kill adoption of the Lightning Network, despite the best intentions of current competing implementations of the protocol. It's not that I'm against the Lightning Network, it's just that the entire system itself could have been designed so so so much better than how it currently is.

I'm also not opposed to larger blocks, to an extent. I see 32MB currently as a reasonable block limit in terms of transactions-per-second and the cost of HDD space per GB. 128MB is currently too much (assuming blocks are full) and not really needed at the moment.

Not to mention the hypocrisy. The biggest issue that stands out to me is stating we need to keep blocks small to keep nodes decentralized. I agree with that, unfortunately the 1MB block size limit has become unbearable. They say it's to keep the cost of running a node down, but at the same time we're paying $50+ dollars in transaction fees (in 2017) and roughly $1.00 in transaction fees in 2019. That simply does not make any sense.

Wrapping up. I mean no harm to my Bitcoin friends. I'm just continuing on with my journey in cryptocurrency and software development, and seeing where Bitcoin Cash takes me. I hope you understand. I still support all of you in this broader Bitcoin movement against the Government and banks. I just need to figure out my path currently.

Some people I look up to, both for BTC and BCH:
You guys should definitely follow these people:

I will begin porting my current apps over to the BCH network.