I'm pokkst

I develop libre software.

My Resume


Twitter: [at] pokkst
Email: pokkst [at] protonmail [dot] com
Email: pokkst [at] mail2tor [dot] com
PGP: public key (pokkst@protonmail.com)
PGP: public key (pokkst@mail2tor.com)


A truly peer-to-peer, non-custodial Bitcoin Cash tipping platform for livestreamers.


A Java library for Bitcoin Cash development.

Crescent Cash

An elegant and clean Bitcoin Cash wallet.


A Bitcoin Cash wallet disguised as a Photos app for Android.

- A decoy home screen/app icon
- CashAddr support
- BIP70 support for BitPay invoices
- Full Cash Account support
- CoinText integration
- An offline mode for writing raw transaction hexes to NFC tags for storage

To access the wallet inside the app, tap the title bar 5 times

Orion Client

The client program to send end-to-end encrypted files to Orion servers.

Orion Server

The server program to receive end-to-end encrypted files from users for storage.

Procedural Pass

Procedural Pass is a password manager that does not store any passwords.

Procedural Pass for Android

This is the Android client for Procedural Pass.